Lady Gaga Explains: What's Up With The Bubble Dress?

Lady Gaga Explains Whats Up With Bubble Dress

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For anyone who is familiar with the Lady Gaga aesthetic, it usually involves no pants , platinum-blond wigs with blunt bangs, lots of sparkles and — during one costume change on her Fame Ball tour — a dress made entirely of bubbles. It's the segment of the show she appropriately calls 'the bubble installation.'

They're not actual bubbles, but rather plastic balls formed into one of Gaga's now-famous leotards. But Gaga didn't think of the bubble leotard herself; it's a knockoff. The similar look was originally seen on Hussein Chalayan's spring 2007 runway show and later re-created by Gaga because she liked the look but couldn't afford it.


'The show is meant to bring a tremendous feeling and sentiment of escapism,' she told MTV News about her tour, which features the dress, as well as a piano filled with bubbles. ' ... The bubble installation was inspired by a dress Hussein Chalayan made a few years ago. I couldn't get the dress, because it's, like, half-a-million dollars in a museum somewhere, but I remade it and I built a piano somewhere inspired by it.'

In this economy, every half-million dollars counts.