Lady Gaga Leaks ‘Perfect Illusion’ Lyrics (And Teases Her New Video)

Lady Gaga Leaks Perfect Illusion Lyrics

Lady Gaga has been sitting on new music for a while now, and while we still haven’t heard any of it, we now have a pretty good idea of what her upcoming single Perfect Illusion will sound like when it comes out this Friday (September 9).

Gaga leaked four lines of the song’s lyrics early this morning (September 7). In addition to typing them out in a tweet, the singer shared a collage of photos adorned with the lyrics written out in her own handwriting.

The pics show Gaga rocking out on top of a piano and behind a drum kit. If you look closely, you can see that she’s singing directly into a video camera in one photo — meaning that these might be images taken from the song’s video shoot.

In addition to Gaga’s rock star poses, the lyrics themselves suggest it’s going to be a pretty upbeat affair. I don’t need eyes to see / I felt you touchin’ me / High like amphetamine / Maybe you’re just a dream, they read.

Sounds pretty joyful already — like the kind of thing you’d sing on top of a piano on the beach.