The Laguna Beach Boys: Where Are They Now?

Laguna Beach Boys

By Valentina De Santis

You did not have to go to Laguna Beach High School to drool over the group of guys on the hit show Laguna Beach . It's been almost 12 years since it premiered in September 2004, and we obviously miss all the catfights, spring break trips , and beach bonfires. But we especially miss those cute surfer boys who made your expectations a little too high for the average high school boy out there.

Over a decade later, these boys are now men. Which are working hard? Happily married? Both? Ladies, let’s go back... back to the beginning.

  1. Stephen Colletti Michael Muller/Getty

    Stephen continued his acting career after starring as Steeee-phennnn on Laguna Beach . He played Chase Adams on One Tree Hill , Teddy Reynolds on VH1’s Hit the Floor , and Austin Nicholas in the film Summer Forever . He was also the main love interest in Taylor Swift’s White Horse music video. (Wait, what?!)

  2. Jason Wahler Matthew Muller/Getty

    Jason was known as the bad boy in Laguna and kept that reputation even after the show ended. He had multiple arrests and visits to rehab but luckily overcame his struggles in 2010 on Celebrity Rehab . He is now married to Ashley Slack, living in Laguna Niguel, and working as a manager at a rehab facility.

  3. Dieter Schmitz Michael Muller/Instagram

    Dieter used to date Jessica Smith on Laguna Beach , who he considered to be his first love.' He left Laguna to study hospitality at Santa Monica College. He is now engaged to Isabell Hiebl (sorry, Jess) and working as the general manager of EVEN Hotel, which has previously been rated No. 1 in New York City.

  4. Trey Phillips Michael Muller/Instagram

    Trey is still as artsy as he was in high school. He remains close with classmate/fashion icon Lauren Conrad along with his other classmates, recently posting a #TBT Instagram picture with Stephen and Dieter . Trey is a 2010 Parsons School of Design alumnus and works in New York City as a designer for Vera Wang.

  5. Kelan Hurley Michael Muller/LinkedIn

    Kelan was known for his super rad band, Open Air Stereo, which he started in 2005 with Chase Johnson. Kelan left the group in 2008 to pursue a bachelor’s degree in business management at San Diego State University. According to his LinkedIn profile, he now works as a Mid Market Account Executive at EverString Technology in San Francisco.

  6. Chase Johnson Michael Muller/Instagram

    Chase continues (11 years later!) to be the lead singer and songwriter of Open Air Stereo . He is currently living in Newport Beach and is the CEO and founder of a record label called LoveLips Inc.

  7. Talan Torriero Michael Muller/Instagram

    Talan was the ladies' man of LBHS. After breaking every girl’s heart in Laguna, he dated Nicole Scherzinger and was even engaged to Rod Stewart’s daughter, Kimberly. He graduated from the University of San Francisco, guest starred in movies, and is now the creative producer at TMG Digital. He changed his high school dating habits and married Danielle Zuroski in 2014.

  8. Cameron Brinkman Michael Muller/Instagram

    Cameron was the surfy party boy of Season 3. He graduated from the University of California and continued to act post reality show. Fun fact: You might've seen him in The Hunger Games: Mockingjay -- Part 2 as 'District 5 Rebel.' He is now a photographer and filmmaker at his own company. Oh, and he's been the face (and body) of the USA Water Polo campaign .

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