Lana Del Rey Has Three Simple Words For Those Downloading Her Leaked Album

Lana Del Rey Has Three Simple Words

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Lana Del Rey 's Lust For Life is set to make its grand debut on July 21, but a leak of the album is making the rounds on the internet before its official release — and she's not stoked about it, understandably.

When someone on Twitter noted that Lust For Life was available for illegal download, Lana responded within minutes.

She went back and forth with fans for a few before it became clear that the link to the leak had been deleted, but, yeah. Make moves to get your paws on Lust For Life before the time is right, and feel the wrath of Lana herself 140 characters at a time.

(But seriously, please don't illegally download music! Support the artists you love and turn out in droves to buy and stream the albums you're excited about! Do not be a little fucker! Lana sees you!)