Lana Del Rey's 'Venice Bitch' Is A Shredding Psychedelic Journey Through The Soul

Lana Del Reys Venice Bitchis Shredding Psychedelic Journey Through Soul

Last week, Lana Del Rey unveiled the first look at a new era via ' Mariners Apartment Complex ,' a moody meditation paired with a black-and-white video of swirling ocean. And Tuesday (September 18), on Beats 1 Radio, Lana revealed that song will be featured on an upcoming new album called Norman Fucking Rockwell , which is a hilarious and also really incredible title for a Lana Del Rey album.

She also premiered another new track called 'Venice Bitch' that pans out over nearly 10 minutes and wraps the summer up with tiny melodic flourishes and subtle miniature orchestrations before turning into a vat of melting psychedelia. It's cool.

'End of summer, some people just want to drive around for 10 minutes, get lost in some electric guitar,' she said before the song played.

'Venice Beach' comes from her collaboration with Jack Antonoff , who produced the album and worked with Lana throughout 2018. She described joint writing sessions where Antonoff would 'play chords for hours' on the piano. 'He would play me five chords in a row that would end up becoming a new song each time,' she said in the interview. 'I would legitimately ask him, 'Are you sure I'm allowed to have this?' ... He was like, 'No, I've been dying to meet you and give you this.''

After a few minutes, 'Venice Bitch' twists and turns itself into something like the kind of rainy, mystic, blissed-out days you might have under the docks if you skipped school. It's a different kind of sensory experience from Lana, whose last album, 2017's Lust for Life , was about as rhythmic and downbeat as she's ever been. Now, with 'Venice Bitch' name-dropping 'Crimson and Clover' and 'Mariners Apartment Complex' channeling 'Wicked Game,' it sounds like we're all in on some serious smoked-out, top-down L.A. ennui. Welcome to autumn.

You can listen to the 'Venice Bitch' interview and hear more about the songwriting process right here .