Lauren Conrad Or Kim Kardashian: Who Did A Mermaid Costume Better?

Lauren Conrad Kim Kardashian

Lauren Conrad and Kim Kardashian are two names not often mentioned in the same sentence, but aside from, you know, sharing their entire lives with the world on TV, LC and Kim have more in common than you might think—at least when it comes to Halloween.

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The Queen of Halloween recently shared her DIY costume for this weekend and, after a close inspection, it looks a lot like something Kim wore two years ago. From the seashell bustier down to the gauzy fishtail, it seems like the Hills star and Kim have the same taste in trick-or-treat wear. Maybe the two shared Pinterest boards?

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Perhaps LC just felt inspired after seeing Kim's variation. Back in 2012, Kim showed up to the Midori Halloween Party in NYC in a sparkling scaly green skirt, seashell-covered top, and strands of pearls. She was so committed to the look, she even wore a blonde wig and got Kanye—who we know isn't easy to dress—to accompany her in an on-point nautical outfit.

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Will the newly wed Lauren and her husband William Tell pull off something similar? Even though he's not featured in LC's DIY photos, we have a feeling he'll be in on the theme. Images

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