Lea Michele's 12 Most Killer Moments On 'Scream Queens'

Lea Micheles 12 Most Killer Moments Onscream Queens

' Scream Queens ' wrapped its campy freshman season on Tuesday with a two-hour season finale and huge reveal: Hester Ulrich aka Neckbrace aka Chanel No. 6 aka Boone's twin sister aka Lea Michele was the remaining Red Devil . She was the other baby in the bathtub this entire time.

What's more, she blamed her Kappa sisters for the killings and completely got away with it all. Of course, she did lose an eye in the process, but it was worth it. Homegirl knows how to work .

In all honesty, the big reveal was pretty predictable. We've had our suspicions about the morbid Kappa pledge since the very first episode. Plus, we knew she was a conniving mastermind when she tried to get Chanel No. 3 (Billie Lourd) and Chanel No. 5 (Abigail Breslin) to turn on Chanel (Emma Roberts) and murder her in her sleep.

Not to mention, if the Kappas had thought to look up Hester's admission paperwork a little sooner, they would have discovered that her social was 123-45-6789, she lived on Sesame Street and went to Sweet Valley High. Obvious, much?

In case you need any more evidence, check out Michele's 13 most killer moments on 'Scream Queens' and berate yourself for not seeing it sooner:

  1. She knew everything about Kappa's history.

    When Hester introduced herself to Kappa Kappa Tau president Chanel for the first time, she admitted to spending the previous two weeks learning the sorority's entire history. At the time, Hester just seemed like and over-eager brown noser, but looking back, that was pretty suspicious.

  2. She helped Chanel drag Ms. Bean's to the freezer.

    Remember when Ms. Bean's body mysteriously disappeared from the Kappa freezer? Yep. That was all Hester. We should have know Hester had something to do with that, seeing as she and the Chanels were the only ones who knew where the body was. The same thing also happens to Chanel No. 2's (Ariana Grande) body.

  3. She knew how to literally deconstruct a dead body.

    Sure, we thought Hester was a little macabre and perverted, but we should have known she was the killer when she rambled off all of the ways Chanel could have disposed of Chanel No. 2's body, including putting her in a food processor, breaking all of her arms and legs and burning the body in acid. That was totally normal, right? She knew too much.

  4. She asked if she could call Chanel 'mom.'

    Given all of the pop culture research Hester and Boone had to do over the course of a few, short weeks -- and the fact that she clearly had some mommy issues, seeing as her real mom died in that bathtub -- it makes sense that she would ask to call Chanel 'mom.'

  5. Hester wanted to be Chanel.

    We thought Hester was just obsessed with Chanel because she was popular and pretty, but Hester's fascination and hatred ran much deeper than that. Why else would she violate Chanel's closet vag like that? We have to admit her transformation into Chanel No. 6 was pretty fierce.

  6. She took Chad to the House on Shady Lane.

    During one of their scandalous outings together, Hester took Chad to the House on Shady Lane, where they found the dead, rotting bodies of Ms. Bean, Chanel No. 2 and Wallace College's oft-forgotten mascot Coney. (She poked her finger through Ms. Bean's leg!!!) When Chad and Hester discovered the bodies they got the eff out of there, but in their hysteria, they unintentionally attracted the entire school to the Red Devil's murder palace. That was Hester's plan all along, wasn't it?

  7. She seemed to be fine without her neckbrace. Fox

    This should have been the final clue we needed to put this puzzle together. If Hester really had scoliosis, she wouldn't have been able to parade around without her neckbrace.

  8. But that neckbrace really did save her. Fox

    Hester reveled in telling Chanel how her neckbrace broke her near-fatal fall at the Radwell family's Thanksgiving.

  9. She asked Chad to 'attack her crack.'

    Only a murdering psychopath says something like that.

  10. She kicked the s--t out of the patriarchy.

    Hester had a lot of reasons to be angry. She grew up without a mother in a mental institution for 18 years, where she was forced to learn the art of killing people from Gigi. It was dysfunctional to say the least. So when she squared off against the smarmy guys at Wallace, she had plenty of pent-up aggression to get out.

  11. She distracted the Chanels from answering Chanel's call.

    In order for Hester's plan to work, she needed to make the Chanels suspects. When Chanel called the girls to carry out their plan to kill Dean Munsch, Hester conveniently distracted the other Chanels from her call. Without the other Chanels to back her up, Chanel was the one who looked suspicious that night at the pool with Dean Munsch.

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  12. She was kind of useless as a Red Devil.

    Remember when Boone, Hester and Gigi tried to kill Dean Munsch and failed miserably? Oh, and when the Red Devil attacked Chanel at the mall on Black Friday? For some reason, Hester just couldn't get the job done. Except for that time she killed her brother. That was pretty cold.