Leonardo DiCaprio Is Finally On Instagram, Let Us Rejoice

Leonardo Dicaprio Is Finally Instagram

After years of being conspicuously absent from Instagram, Leonardo DiCaprio finally decided that he's got some photos worth sharing: a pair of selfies from his appearance as a Messenger of Peace at the UN Climate Summit . The actor signed up to post his pics this morning, inaugurating his account with this shot of himself and Secretary General Ban Ki-moon.


Needless to say, it's delightful to see Leo on Instagram for such a good cause. But now that he's signed up, he needs to keep the content coming fast and hot -- and as a newcomer to the app, we realize he might need a little bit of guidance when it comes to what to post. Here are the must-have pics that Leo definitely needs to check off his list.

The awards show selfie with another celeb

Find a famous BFF and take a pic. Poor cropping and unflattering camera angle non-optional. Bonus points if it's Kate Winslet.

The photo of a photo shoot

Behind-the-scenes pics from a photo shoot are standard fare for the in-demand celeb: a shot of a pile of makeup brushes, a row of shoes, or a clothing rack full of sexy suits are all good choices.

Selfie with a tiger

Self-explanatory, but challenging if you happen to live in New York ... although really, Leo can probably afford the $500 fine.


Cats are the lifeblood of the internet, and celebrity cats are always a hit. (Just ask Taylor Swift.) If Leo has a cat, he should take a minimum of 1,000 photos of it. If doesn't have a cat, he should get one IMMEDIATELY.

A wink to the fans

A photo of Leo dressed as a wolf and standing on Wall Street would be terrific, as would any picture of him standing on the prow of a boat with arms outstretched.

A vague, angsty post about his professional struggles

Everybody loves a good sub-stagram! Bonus if Leo waits until Oscar night, then posts a photo of an empty shelf with the caption, 'Negative space,' followed by six crying cat emojis.