Leonardo DiCaprio’s Oscars Acceptance Speech Has ‘Leaked’

Leonardo Dicaprio S Oscars Acceptance Speech Has Leaked

Somewhere in the world (likely aboard a yacht off the coast of a tropical island, with a gaggle of models within arm’s length) Leonardo DiCaprio is prepping his Oscars acceptance speech.

At least, we can only assume that’s what he’s doing, because Leo can’t claim being caught off-guard for his presumed win for The Revenant . Giving one of those Oh wow, this is so unexpected; I had nothing rehearsed! spiels would just be poor form for a dude who’s largely (and rightfully) favored to win. He earned that statue. He bled for that statue. He grunted and crawled his way across a frozen tundra for that statue, all while holing up inside dead animals and eating raw bison meat and doing mental voodoo on Tom Hardy. Just give him the statue, dammit.

Naturally, everyone’s chomping at the bit to find out what Leo’s going to say during his acceptance speech, should he emerge victorious. Will he thank his BFF Kate Winslet? Will he just scream I’M THE KING OF THE WORLD! in pure triumph (or did James Cameron already ruin that chance ?)? We now know the answers to those questions, thanks to this leaked video of Leo’s speech… and it’s better than you could possibly imagine:


OK, so 'leaked' is a generous term… but it is a great reminder of all the gems in Leo’s filmography. Plus, it’s fun to imagine him making Oprah speechless and moving David Oyelowo to tears, right? Let's make this vid become reality on Sunday, Academy!