Let Kylie Jenner Show You Why The ‘What That Mouth Do?’ Meme Has To Stop

Let Kylie Jenner Show You Why What That Mouth Do

Street harassment is a garbage experience that women, famous or otherwise, are unfortunately all too familiar with. Recently, Kylie Jenner had an unfortunate brush with a rude dude on the street, as evidenced by a video surfacing on various Vines and fan Instagram accounts. Her response? Just perfect.

The heckler's vulgar question comes from the 'what that mouth do' Internet phenomenon , which might be associated with Lil Duval's song of the same title.


But hey, Kylie shut that dude down. As Cyndi Lauper (kinda) once said, Girls just wanna ... get from one side of the street to the other without being creeped on by creeps.

Zero tolerance for bullsh-t -- we love it. Can I get a YAAS, Kylie?