Let’s All Stalk Orlando Bloom’s Instagram Account For Katy Perry Pictures

Let S All Stalk Orlando Bloom S Instagram Account

Give him credit: Orlando Bloom is apparently a lot craftier than any of us realized. On July 27, 2015, Orly created a secret Instagram page and DIDN’T TELL ANYONE ABOUT IT! Or, at least, he didn’t make the account public, giving him a private picture palace only those close to him knew about.

Fast-forward 59 weeks, and @orlandobloom is now a publicly viewable page, complete with a verified blue check mark. Bloom’s early photos don’t have too many likes or comments, suggesting he really did keep this thing extra-private for a long time. But he’s now caved, according to his latest post from today.


Because I know you’re wondering, yes, he and his parachute-savvy girlfriend, Katy Perry , do follow each other on Insta. Sadly, though, yours truly perused all 103 posts of his and found only one KP sighting... if you can even call it that.

The post in question is a video from last week’s Burning Man festival, which the couple attended together. Once you get past the clouds of dust, you can see Katy trailing behind her man on a Segway, wearing a matching bandana to block bugs from flying into her throat (gotta protect that moneymaker).


Hopefully Orly will give the people what they want and start posting more pics with his S.O. In the meantime, enjoy this photo of him swimming with an elephant. It’s from 37 weeks ago, but I’m sure Bloom would appreciate a belated like, if you’re in the mood to double tap.