Liam Payne Goes On Twitter Rant After Homophobic Accusations

Liam Payne Goes Twitter Rant After Homophobic Accusations

After One Direction' s Liam Payne was accused of being homophobic at a 1D concert, the singer took to Twitter on Tuesday night to shoot down those ideas, and get stuff off his chest.

Payne had introduced 'Girl Almighty' at their On The Road Again Tour on Tuesday night in Columbus, Ohio, by saying that girls don't know what it's like to find a girlfriend, which some fans took as homophobic.

'It is about trying to find that number one woman in your life, which none of you can relate to because most of you are girls,' he said of the song. 'Except the boys, you know what I'm talking about.'

But for anyone saying that he hates same-sex couples, Liam tried to clear up the confusion on Twitter:

He apologized at the tail end of the rant, but added that those calling him 'homophobic' are unnecessarily wrong.

This isn't the first time Liam has been hit with those accusations. Back in 2014, he tweeted support for the 'Duck Dynasty' family , whose patriarch declared homosexuality a 'sin' in a magazine interview. Twitter exploded, but Liam defended himself then too:

He also had to speak up when a fake nude photo of him and another man circulated around the Internet.

And while some are convinced that Liam is homophobic, the rest of the 1D fandom has started the hashtag #WeLoveYouLiam . The story continues...