Lil Boosie So Excited To Be Home From Prison -- He Wrote A Song About It

Lil Boosie Excited Be Home From Prison He Wrote Song About It

Lil Boosie hasn't been on the streets 24 hours yet, but the recently imprisoned rapper has already blessed his fans with some new rhymes.

On Wednesday, Boosie was released from Louisiana's Angola State Penitentiary after serving four years of an eight-year prison sentence for a drug conviction. By Thursday (March 6), there were two YouTube videos of the self-proclaimed Bad Azz spitting new verses.

'Man it's time to take off these jail clothes/ Go get my Boosie fade,' he starts on his 'The Ride Home Freestyle,' looking to get a fresh haircut.

For the duration of the 54-second clip, which was shot Wednesday night as the 'Zoom' rapper was driving home, Boosie excitedly raps about his post-prison plans. He hopes to get a new Cadillac Escalade and his own clothing line. 'Labeled me Scarface, Al Capone and Larry Hoover/ You and I know it was damn wrong how they judged Boosie,' he continues before describing the despair that he felt being locked up.

'Shackled down from my feet to my hands/ Missing my kids, man, a feeling only I can explain,' he says.

In a second clip, Boosie continues to spit his freestyle, but this time in a more melodic manner. 'And I'mma do me, get the money and the fame, let the pain come naturally,' he croons.

Boosie (born Torrence Hatch) was first jailed in 2010, when he was brought up on first-degree murder charges stemming from the October 2009 shooting of Terry Boyd . The rapper was accused of paying a gunman to murder Boyd, but was found not guilty in May 2011. Several months later, however, Boosie pleaded guilty to three counts of conspiring to smuggle drugs and was consequently hit with an eight-year sentence.