Lil Wayne Won't Take Full Credit For 'Double Cup' Trend

Lil Wayne Wont Take Full Credit Fordouble Cuptrend

(Weezy talks syrup and Pimp C)

By Maurice Bobb with reporting by Sway Calloway

Years after much ado was made about the white Styrofoam cup he flaunted on national television, Lil Wayne still won’t reveal what was actually in it. But he will divulge what drove him to start the double cup trend . I did it cuz Pimp C did it, flat out, Wayne told Sway Calloway during the 'MTV First' premiere of his 'No Worries' music video. All I listen to all day is UGK. Everybody know that. Everybody know Pimp C, to me…I mean, you know, next to God and my mama and my kids, man, it's Pimp C.

The New Orleans native said he made a personal decision to carry his signature double cup like the UGK legend, adding, I didn’t do it to be cool. And it didn’t matter if Pimp C was cool to you. I know I can go get in my car and go listen to the radio and then I'm not about to hear Pimp C, so obviously Pimp C ain’t cool to everybody else. So what I’m doing might not be cool to everybody else.

The I Am Not a Human Being II MC recounted a conversation he had with longtime friend Sabrian 'Boo' Sledge, who pointed out that the Young Money founder’s appearance on 60 Minutes a while back caused the stir over the contents of his mysterious cup and unintentionally started a dubious trend in hip-hop.

You don't hear me on no interviews saying, ‘Hey, I started this or I started that, Wayne said. [But] we was talking about this the other day, me and Boo. He was saying, ‘I remember you was on one of them big shows,’ I think it was 60 minutes or something, I don't know. He was like, ‘I remember and it was so big that you had that double cup...nobody knew what was in your cup. But everyone judged you.’ His mom would call and have heart to hearts with him about me. One day he had to ask her like, ‘Mom you know what's in his cup? Cuz I don't. I don't see that man pour. I don't know what...that's a grown man...that's a cup. What else do you drink things out of?’

And he was like, ‘You got so criticized for that' and now, if you don't do that, you aren't even relevant.’ It’s so accepted now. Nobody in the game was doing what I was doing, Wayne said. Baby didn't do it, none of the Hot Boys, nobody. That’s a Houston thing. I lived with a homie that had a big Houston influence. And that was what got me on that.

While it’s common knowledge that Tunechi was addicted to sipping syrup , which is a combination of promethazine and codeine, he still laments the wave of criticism he got for it.

I just hate the fact that I took so much flak for it, man, like I was the poster boy for that, Wayne said. When I went to jail like 75% of my letters from fans was like 'I'm really glad you're in there because I'm just really glad you get to not be on'...I'm like how do you know what I was on?

Weezy’s hip-hop hero Chad Butler died five years ago from a deadly combination of syrup and his sleep apnea condition. The Me and My Drink rapper was arrested for being in possession of drugs and an illegal weapon in the summer of 2007 and early 2008. The rapper-turned-skateboarder has maintained that he is no longer on drugs or purple drank. He is currently taking seizure medication as part of his recovery from the seizure-like symptoms he experienced last month while flying on his private jet.