Lily Collins Laughs Off 'Snow White' Director's Eyebrow Obsession

Lily Collins Laughs Offsnow Whitedirectors Eyebrow Obsession

At WonderCon last month, 'Snow White' director Tarsem Singh laughingly told almost every outlet in San Francisco that he cast Lily Collins as his fairy-tale heroine because of her eyebrows. 'I just saw her eyebrows and I said, 'That's Snow White,' ' he told MTV News.

The press went wild with the suggestion that her brows — as opposed to, say, her talent — landed her the coveted role opposite Julia Roberts' Evil Queen. That couldn't be further from the truth. But still, we were left wondering: Did Lily's eyebrows really draw in Tarsem when they first met?

'He told me he likes my eyebrows,' Collins said to MTV News in a recent interview. 'That came up maybe as a joke at the end of our long conversation. He's a very funny guy, and he's got a great sense of humor, and I think he threw that out as part of a joke, and everyone seemed to catch on.

'But I'm glad he liked my eyebrows. It's a compliment,' she added. 'It's good to know he has a strong vision of what he wants Snow White to look like, and I'm very glad I'm a part of that.'

A 'strong vision' is an understatement. At WonderCon, Tarsem described his 'Snow White' aesthetic as incorporating Gaudi's architecture into an England-based locale, inspired by turn-of-the-century Russian films and directed by an Indian director. As for his costumes, he declared, 'I never know how actors give you all the trust, because the stuff that I make people wear does not look ridiculous — it looks ridiculous. '

The day after she stopped by the MTV Newsroom, Collins was set to go in for her first costume fitting. She didn't know what to expect, except that it would indeed be outrageous. 'They've taken my sizes and they've gone off and designed whatever crazy costumes Tarsem has in mind,' she said. 'I've heard him describe his vision on this, yet I haven't actually seen ideas yet or sketches or anything. So I'm going to walk into this completely unaware and walk out probably dumbfounded with excitement. It's going to be amazing whatever it is, because Tarsem is the definition of a true visionary.'

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