Lindsay Lohan Was The Ultimate Mystery Solver In 'Get a Clue'

Lindsay Lohan Was Ultimate Mystery Solver Inget Clue

Long before Lindsay Lohan became America's favorite headline-grabber (although she’s making a comeback , y’all!), she was the ultimate teen queen, starring in movies like The Parent Trap and, of course, 'Mean Girls. Her most fashionable role, though, was as dogged kid reporter Lexy Gold in Get a Clue.

In the movie, Lexy and her friends are on the scene in NYC finding out what happened to their errant teacher after a photograph Lexy took appears in the local newspaper and he disappears. No spoilers here, but I will tell you that the squad knows how to solve a crime.

In honor of the movie’s thirteenth anniversary today (June 28), here are all the ways LiLo kicked butt and took names in the Disney classic.

  1. She was willing to do whatever it took to get the scoop. Disney Channel
  2. And she knew the importance of hard work. Disney Channel
  3. She used the most up-to-date technology. Disney Channel

    Well, for the time at least.

  4. She knew how to use covert surveillance. Disney Channel
  5. She was the coolest girl in school. Disney Channel
  6. Probably due to her kickass fashion sense. Disney Channel
  7. Seriously, she knew how to accessorize. Disney Channel
  8. Of course, her squad was pretty fashionable too. Disney Channel
  9. Her BFF (oh hey, Brenda Song!) was always there to help out. Disney Channel

    Brb, going out to buy those headphones right now.

  10. She knew how to put her friendships and her work ahead of unnecessary drama. Disney Channel
  11. She was just full of wisdom. Disney Channel
  12. And was super knowledgeable. Disney Channel

    True that, Lexy.

  13. She had the best facial expressions. Disney Channel
  14. Seriously, the best. Disney Channel
  15. She knew how to use sarcasm when needed. Disney Channel
  16. But she also knew how to stay chill. Disney Channel
  17. And in the end, she had the smarts to put the whole case together. Disney Channel

Lexy Gold: an icon for teens everywhere.

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