Lira Galore On Rick Ross Breakup -- And What Meek Mill Had To Do With It

Lira Galore Rick Ross Breakup

The Internet can be an unrelenting place.

Lira Galore found this out firsthand, in the months that her relationship with Rick Ross -- their engagement , breakup, rekindling, and subsequent breakup -- was on fans' minds.

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This was my first time in a public relationship, so I was happy about putting it out there,' she told Global Grind. 'But people on social media don’t like to see that type of stuff, so they dug up old stuff that didn’t matter.

Some of that digging wasn't harmful to their relationship -- like this tweet from 2012, where Lira predicted she'd one day marry Ross. It was pretty sweet, really.

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That wasn't the case, though, when it came to a picture of her and Meek Mill , Rick Ross' protege and friend, getting cozy in a club.

I’m not worried about the picture with Meek ,' she said. 'It was just a picture that I posted on my Instagram. I was at work, I used to dance and it was just a picture.'

Still, even though she wasn't worried, she seems to think Ricky was.

I think the initial breakup was a combination of everything from people digging up tweets when I was 17-years-old tweeting about different people, to the picture of Meek. I went to [Ross’] tagged photos one day and it was only that picture of Meek, and it was just that photo. Everybody just kept posting it and I felt like as a man, he just couldn’t handle it when it was just nothing. I feel like during that time apart he realized he was tripping, so we got back together.

But that didn't last.

We just decided to go our separate ways. I’m 22 and this was my first time in love and I put it out there. I’m still in love with him, but some things don’t go as you would like them to go.

Here's to hoping they both find love again.

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