Listen To The Weeknd's Beauty Behind The Madness Snippets

Listen Weeknds Beauty Behind Madness Snippets

The Weeknd ’s Beauty Behind the Madness album is slated to drop Friday (Aug. 28). But you can now get an early glimpse into the project.

Today, Weeknd posted a link to snippets believed to be of the album in a tweet that simply read: '7 MORE DAYS. LISTEN.

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This comes following word on social media that the album has already leaked online.

But Weeknd seems confident about his work right now, so he might not be sweating the leak. In an interview with Rolling Stone published today, Weeknd elaborated on why he's self-assured at the moment. 'I don't know if I'm on top of the world,' he said. 'But I'm on top of my game, for sure.

His place in the industry is an important one, he added, because of his impact. 'I feel like I'm changing pop culture,' he said. 'Taylor Swift's audience can listen to me, but so can the street kids. I want to touch it all.'

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Judging from the year this VMA performer is having and those leak reactions, Weeknd's reach is super strong.