LMFAO Make No Apologies In 'Sorry For Party Rocking' Video

Lmfao Make No Apologies Insorry

First they had us shufflin'. Then they introduced us to the wiggle. And for their latest video , for the club-thumping track 'Sorry for Party Rocking,' the guys of LMFAO are throwing the ultimate cartoon-like house party.

The clip, which premiered Monday night, opens with an older couple (played by LMFAO's Sky Blu and RedFoo) arguing over the ruckus of a nearby house party, hosted by LMFAO's very own Sky and Red. When the older gentleman makes his way over to the party to complain, he gets the door slammed in his face. Inside the party, the guys and their colorful crew are wearing their animal-print and neon-colored clothes, dancing and drinking the night away.

When they refuse to shut down the party, the older man calls the police. But instead of shutting it down, they join the madness. So does everyone else: from pizza delivery guys and sexy nurses to truck drivers and David Hasselhoff (who appeared with the guys onstage during their 2011 American Music Awards performance). And, while the older man is trying to shut the party down, he finds his wife inside enjoying the festivities. Who could not be charmed by a house party thrown by Red and Sky?

As the video begins to come to a close, RedFoo falls over from all the good times. When he is whisked away by an ambulance, he drops his phone, which is later picked up by someone who begins to party rock to 'Anthem.' Christopher 'Kid' Reid (from Kid'N'Play , who know a thing or two about house parties) arrives at the scene as the party seems to be winding down to complain about all the noise.

In the final seconds, the video very quickly references the hospital scene that opens the group's very memorable 'Party Rock Anthem' video , where they fought off a zombie-like dancing epidemic. Perhaps this party had something to do with the origins of the plague in that video.

Directed by Mickey Finnegan (who directed 'Party Rock Anthem' and 'Sexy and I Know It' as well as clips for Cee Lo Green and Soulja Boy), the whole video takes place in a world made up of cardboard cutouts and animations, making it a surreal escape. The video includes smooth dances moves from former 'America's Best Dance Crew' dance crews Quest Crew and the Beat Freaks.

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