Looking Back On 'Don't Look Under The Bed,' The Scariest DCOM Ever

Looking Back Ondont Look Under Bed

On Oct. 9, 1999, the first PG-rated Disney Channel Original Movie premiered on television. It's considered by a myriad of '90s kids to be the most terrifying DCOM in existence. In fact, we rated it accordingly in our Halloween DCOM post . After a quick Tumblr search , it's obvious this movie was the stuff nightmares are made of.

The film follows Frances Bacon McCausland ( Erin Chambers ) as she tries to uncover the culprit who's framing her for various pranks around the town. She unwillingly teams up with Larry Houdini (' Even Stevens ' star Ty Hodges ), who is invisible to everyone but her -- an invisible friend, if you will.

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It's soon revealed a boogeyman ( Steve Valentine ) is causing all the hijinks, but how does one actually stop a boogeyman? Frances and Larry try different concoctions, but soon after, Larry begins turning into a boogeyman, too. Later, we learn that an invisible friend turns into a boogeyman if a child stops believing in him or her too early.


By the end of the film, order is restored and everyone is happy again (because it's Disney), but not before scaring the ever-loving beejesus outta kids all over the country. Seriously, I tried to watch this movie back in the day, made it to the scene where the doll's head turns on its own and a kid gets dragged under the bed. Annnnnd, that was the end of that.

I recently went back and watched it as an adult, and I can easily see how it petrified children. But -- besides all the 'ooga booga' business -- the movie actually tackled some really mature themes, including death, the aftermath of cancer and growing up too quickly. So, here are the nine biggest WTF moments from Disney Channel's 'Don't Look Under the Bed.'

  1. When this possessed doll decided to haunt the nightmares of children everywhere Disney

    Nope, nope, nope. Hell to the nope. Dolls are creepy enough when they're standing still. Add movement and I'm outta there.

  2. When the OG Boogeyman put jello in the swimming pool and this poor unfortunate soul was all, 'Dive first, ask questions later' Disney

    This part wasn't scary, but it was definitely a WTF moment. I think the real question here is, how did she not realize the pool was suddenly blood red instead of crystal blue?!

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  3. This. Moment. Right. Here. Disney

    After this creepy AF crawl happened, that's when we were 100% convinced we needed to talk about Larry. He was turning into a boogeyman before our very eyes.

  4. When Larry went full-on boogeyman Disney

    The makeup in the movie was fantastic, but perhaps that was the problem. It was so good, we had nightmares for weeks after watching it. Thanks a lot, Disney. Thanks a lot.

  5. When we couldn't trust mirrors anymore Disney

    Hands never looked so creepy. This reminds me all too much of that moment in 'Scooby-Doo and the Ghoul School' when the Mirror Monster snatches Shaggy.

  6. And when we DEFINITELY couldn't trust what's lurking under the bed Disney

    OK, seriously. Can the OG Boogeyman please stop popping up out of places? This scene is the reason I still don't like to hang my feet over the bed.

  7. When the OG Boogeyman's fingers grew like some kind of mutant plant Disney

    It kind of looks like he's flipping us off, TBH — and nothing sounds scarier than a pissed off boogeyman.

  8. Actually, anytime OG Boogeyman was onscreen at all Disney

    This was a children's movie, remember? A CHILDREN'S MOVIE.

  9. When Frances admitted she was relieved not to be a match to help out her younger brother Darwin (Jake Sakson) with his leukemia Disney

    Frances and Darwin's brother Bert (Nathan Stevens) was the donor, and Frances was glad it wasn't her because she was scared. Throughout the film, the McCausland family makes references to Darwin's illness, even though he is currently cancer-free. At the end of the movie, Darwin crawls into Frances' bed and tells her he's afraid of getting sick again. Pretty dark topic to explore in a Disney movie.

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