The Lost Boy At Camp From The Parent Trap Is All Grown Up

Lost Boy Camp From Parent Trap Is All Grown Up

The Parent Trap is a '90s classic that turned Lindsay Lohan into a household name overnight. And while Lohan was certainly the star of the movie, someone else stole the early scenes: her own brother.

Michael Lohan Jr., Lindsay's little bro, had a small role in his sister's movie. He played 'Lost Boy at Camp,' the poor kid whose mom accidentally sent him to an all-girls camp and wouldn't ever answer the phone to bring him home.

His screen time was super minimal, but represented every kid who desperately wanted his or her parents to come and rescue them from summer camp.


Well, he's 28 years old now and looks like this:

Since The Parent Trap , Michael played himself in the 'Lindsay Lohan' episode of Drive in 2002 and did the same deal for E! True Hollywood Story three years later.

Naturally, he was part of Living Lohan , a reality show that followed the famous Lohan family, particularly focusing on Dina Lohan's role in daughters Ali and Lindsay's careers.

Moreover, he was in the 2011 short film Razors and Balloons , which featured the Smokey Robotic song 'Most Beautiful.' You can watch the short here .

Michael graduated summa cum laude from Ithaca College and told The New York Post in October 2014, 'I like to weed out the good and the bad people ... and make sure that the people around [Lindsay] know that she has a much stronger support group.'

See? Told you they were close. He keeps an eye on her, but adds, 'She’s a grown woman, so she needs to make her own decisions. I can’t hold her hand along the way, and she doesn’t expect me to do that. [If I did,] I would be enabling her myself.'

Currently, Michael is the Director of Real Estate Development & Acquisition at The Nassimi Group and is the CEO and cofounder of Vigme , according to his LinkedIn page .

Furthermore, he's the Assistant VP of Marketing and Events at FunBars . Seriously, Michael -- when do you sleep?!

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Congrats, Michael. You've come a long way from getting stuck at an all-girls camp.