Louis Tomlinson Is Going To Be A Dad And The Larry Shippers Are Freaking Out

Louis Tomlinson Is Going Be Dad

In case you somehow missed the torrential outcry of screams heard ‘round the world on Tuesday afternoon (July 14), One Direction ’s Louis Tomlinson is reportedly expecting his first child with stylist Briana Jungwirth.

Briana who, you might ask? The name isn’t an instantly recognizable one, unless you’re a hardcore Directioner who remembers her being photographed with Louis in Hollywood back in May. But you know what? Forget Briana for now. Because for a core group of 1D fans, the only name that ought to be attached to their precious Louis is Harry Styles.


If you’re not familiar with Larry Stylinson shippers, head over to Tumblr and peruse the wealth of memes and GIFs meticulously created by fans who believe Louis and his dreamy, curly-haired bandmate are the victims of a forbidden love saga. Larry shippers have cooked up loads of conspiracy theories suggesting any girlfriends the bandmates have had were just scapegoats to divert attention from their real romance.

Now, you might think Louis’ baby news would put those Larry rumors to bed once and for all, right? Guess again — the truthers have several of their own persistent (if not totally scientifically implausible) theories for what’s really going down with Larry.

There are the fans who believe Briana is carrying Louis and Harry’s child.

https://twitter.com/Go1DenUpdates/status/621068662745776128 https://twitter.com/vintagexcalum/status/621098629672103936 https://twitter.com/IamChristinaY/status/621098509664653312 https://twitter.com/stripclublwt/status/621077436478853120

Then there are the ones who think Harry is pregnant (OK, they probably don’t REALLY think this— at least we hope not — but the pictures are simply too funny).

https://twitter.com/Larry_Lashton1/status/621089952558878720 https://twitter.com/I_See_You_Larry/status/621069034654670848 https://twitter.com/larryinfactreal/status/621073741133430784 https://twitter.com/BVNGINGILINSKY/status/621093414201765888

Some of them have opted for the ignorance is bliss route, refusing to believe the report is real or insisting it only validates Larry's existence even more.

https://twitter.com/sincelouiss/status/621098341498245124 https://twitter.com/alluringniam/status/621098336905355264 https://twitter.com/sighxlarry/status/621097289210200066 https://twitter.com/iChloe5SOS/status/621097594001846272

Others have accepted the fact that the ship has sunk, so to speak — even though it will live on forever in their memories and fan fiction archives.

https://twitter.com/reunitedlwt/status/621098189098057730 https://twitter.com/MomohBola/status/621097855663624193

As for the rest of the Directioners who aren’t as fixated on the Larry Stylinson mama/papa drama, the news is still shocking and not easily absorbed.

https://twitter.com/93niallsderby/status/621093148211716096 https://twitter.com/protectingjb/status/621093047590203392 https://twitter.com/glowingniam/status/621092974324252672 https://twitter.com/lukesamermaid/status/621094242300006400

And then there are the jokes. Jokes on jokes on jokes.

https://twitter.com/alexandergold/status/621069677284884480 https://twitter.com/DanSDJEM/status/621095794234552320 https://twitter.com/sugarbabyIjp/status/621094855226212357 https://twitter.com/1DsTumblr/status/621080851435114496 https://twitter.com/kilamrnb/status/621079649125298177 https://twitter.com/starlightxniall/status/621094172938895360

Finally, the most intriguing tweet of the day award goes to this one that Louis fired off into the twittersphere on April Fool’s Day in 2012, probably never imagining it would resurface this soon.


No matter how Directioners are choosing to handle Louis’ baby news, the fact is, being a 1D fan this year has been uncharacteristically taxing. This is a fandom that has traditionally been nothing but overwhelmingly enthusiastic, relatively scandal-free, and most importantly, FUN. Fans’ worlds were shaken after Zayn Malik left the group in March, and Louis’ news is understandably making them question how the group’s dynamic might continue to change from here on out. So give a 1D fan a hug today — they probably need it.