Louis Tomlinson Just Made A Huge Change To His Twitter Profile

Louis Tomlinson Just Made Huge Change His Twitter Profile

Poor Louis Tomlinson has had a lot on his mind lately. Besides the tumultuous year One Direction ’s had, there’s also the Twitter drama he occasionally dabbles in, the charitable causes he admiringly undertakes, and that little matter of having a baby on the way .

So it’s perhaps understandable why it’s taken him such a long time to update his Twitter bio. As Directioners probably realized, Louis’ bio read 1/5 of One Direction :) up until yesterday. Of course, that fraction hasn’t been correct ever since Zayn Malik parted ways with the band in March, and we couldn’t help but wonder when Tommo’s bio would finally reflect that cold hard truth. After all, it only took Zayn a matter of weeks to erase all traces of 1D from his own account.

Now, a whole five months later, the deed has been done:

Of course, it was only a matter of time before Louis made Zayn’s exit Twitter official, but it still stings just a bit, and Directioners’ responses ranged from denial to devastation.

https://twitter.com/Gabbygirby457/status/637003106853761028 https://twitter.com/zaynbaabe/status/636524560657977344 https://twitter.com/iHarryNavy/status/636492813153214465 https://twitter.com/foundhalsey/status/636991716554223616

None of the other current 1D members have any mentions on their Twitter profiles of how many members are in the band, but it IS worth pointing out that Niall Horan’s header photo still includes Zayn in it.

Louis’ long-awaited edit comes just days after he assured fans 1D are not splitting up next year, but will be taking some well-deserved time off.


While this is understandably a lot of change for Directioners to grapple with, it's only the beginning. At least, if those rumors about him joining 'The X Factor' are true. On Wednesday (Aug. 26), Yahoo Celebrity UK tweeted that Simon Cowell 'basically just confirmed' Louis will join the show as a judge during 1D's hiatus.


Hmm... looks like more bio changes may soon be on the way.