Love Or Friendship: Will Romance Blossom For Telizza And Her Catfish?

Love Friendship Will Romance Blossom

Will Shai be bae, or will Shai be cray?

That's the question Max asked on tonight's episode of Catfish when he and Nev were called to aid Chicago resident Telizza, who was in an online relationship with the aforementioned Shai. As Telizza explained, she'd just ended a four-year relationship when she received a random Facebook message from Shai; before long, the two young women fell in love without ever having met.

But, alas, Telizza explained, this was uncharted territory for her. That previous four-year relationship? It was with a guy. Thusfar, Shai was the very first girl Telizza had fallen for, and she'd only told one of her pals she was now into women. Still, she knew it was time to finally express her sexuality.

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'I thought about this a lot,' the 18-year-old told Nev and Max. 'I haven't even told my mom, but in order to live my life how I want to, I have to first admit it.'

In addition, she knew, she had to meet Shai -- but that wouldn't be easy. Finally, however, after jumping through a few flaming hoops , Max, Nev and Telizza faced Shai in her hometown of Brooklyn. But the person standing before them was actually a young woman named Makeda, who sheepishly explained why she created the faux Facebook account.

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'It was for my ex-boyfriend -- to catch him cheating,' she said. 'Then [Telizza and I] started talking, and it got out of control. I just did it because it felt right at that moment.'

When Max if she had 'feelings' for Telizza, Makeda gave a devastating one-word answer: 'No.'

But Nev wasn't buying it -- and turns out, he was right. The next day, Makeda phoned Nev and said she wanted to speak with her online companion -- and eventually answered truthfully when Telizza asked, point-blank, 'Are you into me?'

'Yes,' Makeda responded. 'I'm into you.'

She then apologized for her lies the day before. 'I'm sorry -- I was scared,' she said, revealing that never before had she been able to talk to anyone about her sexuality because her family and friends were 'judgmental.'

For her part, Telizza was pleased by Makeda's interest -- and when Nev asked how she wanted to proceed with the relationship, she answered, 'I think we should talk more and just have a friendship and build upon that.'

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So far, so good: When Nev and Max videochatted with Telizza just two months later, she reported that she and Makeda were still in contact -- and were beginning to feel like 'more than friends.'

But will the two go the distance? Will their relationship blossom into love? Share your thoughts on Telizza and Makeda, then be sure to catch another Catfish on Wednesday at 8/7c.