‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’ Reunion Part 2: All Hell Breaks Loose On Set!

Love Hip Hop Atlanta Reunion Part 2

New name alert: Puerto Rican Tornado!

Somebody get Dana White on the phone, pronto, because Joseline Hernandez went from 0 to 100 real quick on the second installment of VH1's Love & Hip Hop Atlanta reunion show.

Punches were thrown, weaves flew, arms flailed and security guards were easily overrun as a brawl to end all brawls began and ended with Joseline, who was on a rampage.

She was the ultimate unleashed bull in a china shop: Nothing and no one could stop her.

I come everywhere ready to fight,' Joseline said backstage after the fight(s).

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Picking up where the show left off last week , after Benzino drew first blood by mumbling about Joseline being on crack, Stevie J and his enforcer charged ahead toward Althea and her fiance, opening up several cans of whoop-ass.

'I bust you in the mouth,' Benzino yelled towards Joseline. 'I did that, bitch!'

Security was quick to the stage to separate all pugilists, but a determined Stevie and Joseline continued to break free from multiple restraints, with Joseline exacting further assaults on Althea, Mimi Faust and an unsuspecting Tammy Rivera. Even Deb Antney was somehow pulled into the fracas.

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Don’t get in this fight, Joseline warned Deb. I don’t wanna fight no old lady.

Viewers weren’t privy to Deb’s response at the time, but later on in the broadcast, Waka Flocka Flame’s mother offered her retort.

Deb is wit it if it comes her way, she said, before explaining what she saw in her attacker. She came up like Hercules, Deb continued. We were not dealing with a human at the time.

Once security sorted out the melee, Stevie and Joseline were removed from the building and Benzino and Althea chose to leave.

Back onstage, Momma Dee said what everyone was thinking.

Really, did that just go down? she asked.

From there, everyone piled on with their two or three cents on Stevie J’s downfall, Joseline’s alleged drug habits and, of course, whether the couple was really married or not.

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After the commerical break, Yung Joc took the Shakeshearean route to explain Steebie and Joseline’s embattled union: It’s a harmonious, tragic love story.

With the veritable Algonquin Round Table discussion finished, producers replayed the catfight between Tammy and Joseline. It wasn’t meant to be funny, but Tammy picking up a bottle of liquor to crack Joseline in the head with was pretty hilarious.

In trying to make sense of why Joseline went berzerk on her, Tammy revealed that she was disappointed that her husband wasn’t present to defend her. Waka’s mother, on the other hand, was glad her son couldn’t make it.

I’m glad Waka wasn’t here, she said. He woulda been the second animal in the room.

In the waning minutes of the broadcast, producers caught up with Althea, Benzino, Stevie and Joseline to get their thoughts post-fight. Those views will likely anchor the final installment of the reunion show. Until then, viewers can marinate on Joseline’s parting shot.

Everybody ran like bitches, she said. I could not believe it.

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Reunion Show, Part 3, airs Monday, September 8, on VH1.