'Love & Hip-Hop' Star Says She's Going To Have Fetty Wap's Baby And He Doesn't Sound Too Happy

Love Hip Hopstar Says Shes Going Have Fetty Waps Baby

Fetty Wap is about to have a child, according to Love & Hip-Hop’s Masika Kalysha . The reality star told Los Angeles’ Power 106 that she’s had this under wraps for some time.

'I've been keeping this for six months,' she told the radio station. 'So, um, the song I did with Fetty [Wap], ‘Ándale'...Ladies, be careful when you listen to this song because we conceived a child that night.


Kalysha actually has a new reality show tentatively named Pregnant In Pumps, according to Complex . She also shared the following post on Instagram:


These past 6 months have been crazy, she captioned the pic. 'But I'd do it all over again just to have you baby... My perfect sweet glory...You're everything I've ever done right. My personal connection to the sun. I love you to an extreme that I've never achieved... Now I know my purpose in this life cuz God made you for me.

Fetty addressed the news online, too, but with a much different tone.

'Bitches posting pics now the world going crazy , she need a come up I understand that career lookin bad ?, he reportedly said in a since-deleted tweet.

He followed that up with a couple more posts, which haven’t been deleted. One of them claims it's 'gotta be about' his money. The other tells us to just 'sit back n watch.'

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Looks like this story will continue to develop.