Love, Wrestling And Nude Pics: The Weird Tale Of WWE Star Seth Rollins' Social Media Debacle

Love Wrestling Nude Pics

Who is Seth Rollins? He is a rising star in the WWE who, while performing live on last night's 'Monday Night RAW,' was involved in a completely different social media show, to put it lightly.

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The story broke, originally by Deadspin , late last night when now-deleted naked selfies of Zahra Schreiber were posted on Rollins' Twitter, Instagram and Facebook accounts, and briefly, The WWE's website.

Schreiber is a model and wrestler for The WWE's developmental branch NXT.

She's also not Leighla Schultz, Seth Rollins' fiancé. At least his fiancé as of yesterday afternoon.

Rollins and Schultz this New Year's Eve

It didn't stop with Rollins' social media. From her own account, the scorned Schultz fired off more nude pics, this time of the WWE Superstar himself. In more since-deleted posts, she confirmed her account was not hacked. Though this does not necessarily tie her Rollins' posts directly, to many fans and observers, it seems like more than a convenient coincidence.

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It's important to note that all this went down during a three-hour live broadcast, starring Rollins as the WWE's hottest heel (aka bad guy). Everyone who would have caught this sooner was otherwise busy working. This is the best and worst timing, depending on who's side you're on.

Critics have raised questions of if this means trouble for the self-proclaimed future of the WWE. Rollins' employer often tries to keep it PG to appeal to a young fan base, yet they have experience using real life scandals to drive fake story lines . WWE Hall of Famer Lita began a love triangle with fellow pros Matt Hardy and Adam 'Edge' Copeland . It became public in 2005 and the WWE had the feud play out in the ring just several months later.

The stunt was probably as difficult on a personal level as it was successful on a professional one, but fans often refer to Edge and Lita as a favorite couple rather than cheaters. So while this incident doesn't look great for Rollins and Schreiber, it may not be the end of either of their careers.

Just this afternoon Schultz changed her Facebook status to single, fueling further speculation that this was more about public revenge and a breakup than random hacking. For most people who've been similarly shocked by infidelity, such extreme action is somewhat understandable, despite it being a bit much. Rollins has done his part for damage control as well, issuing a public apology and hopefully changing his passwords.