The Lowest Of The Low: A Collection Of Paris Hilton's Pants

Lowest Low

In a recent video for Vogue , Paris Hilton shared her closet with the world -- specifically her hoards of low-waisted jeans, of which she proudly has over a hundred pairs. Over the years, Paris has become synonymous with early 2000s fashion, be it Von Dutch , halter tops, or tiny dogs you carry around like accessories. If you wore it in 2000-2007, Paris probably wore it first (and best). To honor her massive closet and impact on fashion, join me in taking a took back at the lowest of her low-slinging jeans.

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    The distance between the top of that hat and the top of her pants is roughly miles.

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    The year was 2004, if you couldn't already tell.

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    A 5''x2'' strip of cloth can actually double as a miniskirt. Never say Paris isn't resourceful.

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    She is wearing every shade of pink in this photo.

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    Paris loves sports and low-waisted jeans.

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    The thong strap is part of the outfit, duh.

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    This is actually a miniskirt. It's just resting very low on her body so it looks longer.

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    Some items to note in this photo: low-riding velour pants, flip phone resting over said velour pants, Von Dutch shirt, Jeremy Scott's hair.

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    Just because it's cold and you're dating Nick Carter doesn't mean your pants can't hang as low as they normally would.

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    Her underwear matches her eye shadow. So good.

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    Fashion tip: Even if your skirt is short, it can still hang as low as possible!

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    The lower the jeans, the closer to ... the ground, I guess.

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    Crotch is basically out.

  14. Long live Teen People , long live fishnet, long live Paris.

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    Isn't like ... her butt hanging out?

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    Gotta reveal that bedazzled rainbow tat.

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