Lynch & Reznor Collaborate On Lost Highway Soundtrack

Lynch Reznor Collaborate Lost Highway Soundtrack

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The upcoming David Lynch movie, Lost Highway will be accompanied by a

soundtrack on Trent Reznor's Nothing record label, as we previously reported.

There will be a new track from the Prince of Darkness himself, titled 'The

Perfect Drug,' which will be released to radio (but not available as a

single...yet) on November 4, followed by the full-length album on November 26.

In addition to the film score from frequent Lynch collaborator Angelo

Badalamenti (he came up with all that 'Twin Peaks' music), the CD will feature

surprise, surprise, two Marilyn Manson tracks ('Apple of Sodom' and a cover of

Screaming Jay Hawkins' classic, 'I Put A Spell On You,' which you might recall

was a kind of theme song for Jim Jarmusch's Stranger Than Paradise ), a

David Bowie song, something from Lou Reed and a new Smashing Pumpkins track.

The movie, which stars Patricia Arquette and Bill Pullman, also reportedly

features a cameo from Gap pin-up Henry Rollins.