Mac Miller Borrows Eminem's Superman Cape For 'S.D.S' Video

Mac Miller Borrows Eminems Superman Cape Fors

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Mac Miller has a humorous creativity that is all his own. Fans of the rapper's 'Mac Miller and the Most Dope Family' television series get a weekly dose of his wacky antics, and on Wednesday night, Mac delivered even more laughs with his new 'S.D.S.' video.

While the Rex Arrow-directed clip is 100% Miller, we couldn't help but notice some influence from rap's greatest visual artists.


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For 'S.D.S.,' the first single off Mac's forthcoming Watching Movies with the Sound Off Miller dons a cape, super-hero tights, a goofy fanny pack and duels to the death with the diabolical Red Dot (played by Corey Feldman). It's all reminiscent of Eminem 's 2002 video for 'Without Me' where he played Rap Boy, a rather clumsy hero. The Mac/Marshall comparisons have been made before, but aside from the fact that they're both white, they both rap and both like to wear tights, there aren't too many more similarities.

Missy Elliott

The super-hero/rap lane isn't owned exclusively by Eminem. In 1997, Missy Elliott hooked up with famed director Hype Williams and dressed up as a Mega Man-inspired character in her 'Sock It 2 Me' video . With Da Brat as her sidekick, Misdemeanor battled alien robots on a fiery planet. There was a lava pit in 'S.D.S.,' so this counts.

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Busta Rhymes

Busta Rhymes didn't grab a cape for his 1997 classic vid , but he earned a ton of laughs when he dressed up as a Mel Gibson lookalike to reenact scenes from the original 'Lethal Weapon' film. Still it's a 'The Last Dragon'-inspired fight scene which reminds us most of Miller's 'S.D.S.' clip. Like Mac and Feldman's wacky sped-up duel, Busta engages in a similar fist-fight, right on down to Corey's Sho'nuff-like red robe.

What did 'S.D.S.' remind you of? Leave your ideas in the comments!