Mac Miller Explains How 'Objects In The Mirror' Reflects His Real-Life 'Emotion'

Mac Miller Explains Howobjects Mirrorreflects His Real Lifeemotion

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While Mac Miller is best known for his rapping skills, he changes things up on ' Objects in the Mirror ' by not rapping a single bar, instead slowing it down to sing. When Mac stopped by 'RapFix Live' on Wednesday, host Sway Calloway shared some lines from the jazz-inspired track and let Mac interpret.

The song, off his June 18 release Watching Movies With the Sound Off, is all about love, and while Mac says he didn't write it about a specific female, he did draw from real-life experiences. 'What I like to do when I'm writing a song like this is something in my life that happens. I take the emotion.'

'People love you when they on your mind/A thought is love's currency,' Sway read from the first verse. Mac explained, 'Yeah, ya know it just exists in your head with love and with how that works.'

'RapFix' also invited Statik Selektah, who is also dropping an album on June 18 , the same day hip-hop heavyweights such as Kanye West and J. Cole release their albums. Selektah also shared some lines from 'Objects in the Mirror,' reading, 'Listen to me, I'mma set you free/Yeah, he ain't gonna break your heart again/Go through the worst to reach the ecstasy/When your imagination's on pretend.'

'I'm a little bit weird with saying exactly what is going on in my life, so you take that emotion and you create a situation in your head, and you come up with something. Then, you apply that emotion into that situation and build characters,' Mac explained. 'You gotta go through the really bad to appreciate that ecstasy — that actual feeling of ecstasy.'