Mac Miller Loses Love In 'Missed Calls' Video

Mac Miller Loses Love Inmissed Callsvideo

By Rob Markman

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Not even fame and worldwide acclaim can stop the heart from breaking and in his new video for Missed Calls Mac Miller has to learn the hard way. On Friday (June 22) the Pittsburgh spitter dropped the long-awaited video from his 2011 #1 album Blue Slide Park . In December, while on his BSP Tour Mac told MTV News that Missed Calls was his favorite track to perform and now the clip may go down as his best video as well.

The Rex Arrow-directed clip starts out lovely. Miller and the object of his affection (played by Hennely Jimenez) seem to have the perfect relationship: kissing on the beach, frolicking on the couch and making love in the shower. Things begin to take a turn as Miller’s rap career takes him further away from home. World tours, late-night and studio sessions cause the rift between Mac and his hunny to grow wider. Baby I got missed calls and emails/ All going into detail ‘bout how you just not happy and you think you gotta leave, so go, Mac sings on the track’s hook.

Eventually Jimenez’s character falls into the arms of another man, who noticeably has way less swag than Mac, but that’s neither here nor there. While Miller’s love slips through his fingers, the swagless wonder proposes to Jimenez and now it is up to Mac to race and recapture his love. Can he do it before it is too late?

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