Macaulay Culkin Pleads Guilty To Drug-Possession Charges

Macaulay Culkin Pleads Guilty Drug Possession Charges

A month after taking the stand in Michael Jackson's child-molestation trial to refute what he described as 'ridiculous' allegations that the pop star had molested him, Macaulay Culkin was back in court on Wednesday, this time to plead guilty to misdemeanor counts of possession of marijuana and medication without a prescription.

As punishment, the 'Home Alone' star was handed a one-year deferred sentence on each of the charges and was further ordered to pay $940 in related court fees, according to The Associated Press.

Culkin, 24, was arrested in September after Oklahoma City police pulled over a car, in which he was a passenger, for speeding. During a subsequent vehicle search — one the driver, Culkin's friend Brett Tabisel, authorized — officers found over a half-ounce of marijuana, as well as eight tablets of the anti-anxiety drug Xanax.

Police reports claim Culkin told officers he didn't have a prescription for the medication, according to the AP. Tabisel was charged with speeding, and ordered to pay a fine.

Culkin arrived in Oklahoma County District Court wearing a gray suit and a white open-collared shirt. Other defendants recognized the actor as his case was called; one woman even said to Culkin, 'I love your work' as she walked past him, the AP reports.

Special Judge Russell Hall told Culkin that the conviction would be stripped from his record, so long as he stayed out of handcuffs for one year. Assistant District Attorney Greg Mashburn told the AP that Culkin's punishment fit his crime, considering he successfully completed all of the requirements of his probation — including a drug and alcohol evaluation, which led to the determination that the actor does not have a substance-abuse problem.

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