Magic Mike’s Alex Pettyfer Can Still Dance Seductively To ‘Pony’ On Command

Magic Mike S Alex Pettyfer Can Still Dance Seductively Pony Command

It's been four years since we last saw Alex Pettyfer shaking his groove thang in Magic Mike , but the 26-year-old actor clearly still has the moves. Over the weekend, Pettyfer uploaded a hilarious video to Instagram, captioning it, 'When you're working late at night and your team decide to bring up the past!!!'

The vid features him dancing to 'Pony' by Ginuwine — a favorite song from the film — and throwing ping pong balls at people off-camera.

Pettyfer was working at Hypit , a recommendation app, when his coworkers decided to celebrate #TBT a little later. Never have I wanted to be a chair more in my life than at this very moment.

H/T Refinery 29