Magnus And Alec's Shadowhunters Love Story Will Make You Feel All Tingly

Magnus Alecs Shadowhunters Love Story Will Make You Feel All Tingly

The chemistry between Magnus Bane and Alec Lightwood is as subtle as a freight train. It's incendiary and all-consuming; it's palpable. When we meet Alec in Cassandra Clare's City of Bones , he’s in pain. He's crumbling under the weight of his family's high expectations and his confusing feelings for his best friend Jace. It's Magnus, a 400-year-old sexually fluid warlock, who helps Alec better understand those feelings.

In the penultimate episode of Shadowhunters , Magnus detailed what falling in love felt like: loss of breath when that person enters a room, a rapidly beating heart, and tingling skin. It was an impassioned speech that not only marked the dawn of 'Malec' (a.k.a. Magus and Alec), but it also echoed what viewers were feeling watching two people so perfect for one another fall in love. A love like Malec's is one that leaves you breathless and tingly.

Watch Magus and Alec's beautiful love story unfold in the featurette below, exclusively on MTV News, and just try not to feel all dizzy and weightless. (Be warned, it's impossible.)

For the High Warlock of Brooklyn, his attraction toward Alec was immediate and explosive. As for Alec, he had fallen in love the only way he knew how: slowly, and then all at once. After mounting pressure from his parents, the Clave, and even himself, Alec finally confronted his feelings -- and Magnus -- and gave us the combustible moment we've been waiting for: Malec's first kiss.

The moment Alec pulled Magnus closer to him by his satin lapels, the Shadowhunter took control of his destiny. And the best part? He DGAF about what his parents or the Clave would say. He just followed his heart -- and as a result, he gave us a ship we could all champion.