Mandy Moore and Kellan Lutz Match Up in 'Love, Wedding, Marriage' Trailer

Mandy Moore Kellan Lutz Match Up Inlove

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Dermot Mulroney may be better known as the star of 'Zodiac,' 'The Wedding Date,' The Family Stone' and three episodes of 'Friends' (remember Gavin from Rachel's Ralph Lauren store?), but the actor is hoping you'll give him a chance behind the camera, with his new rom-com 'Love, Wedding, Marriage.'

The movie stars Mandy Moore and Kellen Lutz of 'Twilight' fame as a married couple trying their best to keep Moore's divorcing parents (Jane Seymour and James Brolin) together. There's a ticking clock too - the newly married couple is counting down to the parent's big wedding anniversary party. Cue James Brolin taking body shots out of a 20-something's navel.

The movie doesn't appear to do anything revolutionary with the genre (making it an odd choice for Mulroney's directorial debut), but with a talented cast of legendary performers and up-and-comers, including Jessica Szohr of 'Gossip Girl' and Michael Weston of 'House,' 'Love, Wedding, Marriage' could turn out to be decent fluff. Moore's an underestimated talent who hasn't done much live-action work in recent years, so her return is enough reason for excitement.

IFC recently picked up 'Love, Wedding, Marriage,' which means you should expect it in select theaters on June 3. Check out the trailer, which debuted on Yahoo! Movies .

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