Mandy Moore On 'Grey's Anatomy' Return: 'Hopefully There Will Be Less Blood!'

Mandy Moore Ongreys Anatomyreturn

Mandy Moore is one of those rare singer/actresses who, despite coming of age and fame around the same time as Britney Spears , Christina Aguilera , Jessica Simpson , Lindsay Lohan , etc. has carved out a successful Hollywood career without becoming tabloid fodder. Perhaps the fact that she is so gosh darn nice--seriously, ten minutes on the phone with her feels like a telecommunicative hug--is some of the secret to her success.

While chatting with Mandy recently to discuss her voice work in the upcoming Disney fairy tale 'Tangled,' (which we are so psyched to see--but more on that in the coming weeks), we asked her for a little insider scoop on her return to 'Grey's Anatomy' this fall.

'I don’t know a whole lot,' she admitted. 'They just asked me back and I said, 'Yeah, okay!' I had such a great experience filming earlier this year, so I would love to venture back into that territory.'

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Fans of the show will remember Mandy from the harrowing season finale, in which she played a patient trying to cope with a colostomy bag when Dr. Bailey suddenly enlisted her help to try and save gunned-down doc Charles Percy.

'I’m not sure what they have planned necessarily, but hopefully there will be a little less blood involved than in the finale,' she said. 'That stuff is hard to wash off! Shaving cream is what I learned takes it off.' Mandy added that while the product's cleaning powers are magnificent, the fragrance it leaves behind is not as impressive. 'I came home [from set, having washed off the blood with shaving cream] and my husband [Ryan Adams] is like 'Why do you smell like men’s shaving cream?' I was like, 'It’s shaving cream for the blood, I promise!'

When asked if there were any particular M.D.'s at Seattle Grace with whom she hopes to share screen time, Mandy's response was surprisingly Mc-free.

'I got to work with Chandra Wilson on all of my scenes [last season], and I just think that she is unbelievable, so I hope I get to work with her again. Man alive, she is a tour de force, she is such an amazing actress, and it was such an experience to get to work with her,' Mandy gushed. 'But beggars can’t be choosers, I’ll work with anybody on that show!'

What do you hope to see from Mandy on 'Grey's' next season?