Mariah Carey Puts A Stop To Husby Nick Cannon's Wandering Eyes On 'Wild 'N Out' [Video]

Mariah Carey Puts Stop Husby Nick Cannons Wandering Eyes Onwildn Out

Comedians continue to use Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey 's marriage as ' Wild 'N Out ' cannon fodder (heh), but the power couple's relationship is no joke. Nick and Mariah are completely committed to one another, and when last night's flirtatious game of 'Let Me Holla' threatened to ruin their state of holy matrimony, Mariah stepped in to put her stiletto-clad foot down. Nobody gets between Mimi and her man.

Despite being married to the diva of all '90s divas, Nick starts the game off in the clip by trying to woo Sheneka Adams (who is most definitely not his wife) in order to earn a point for the Platinum Team. However, before Nick can manage to drop a line on Sheneka, his superstar wife sashays onto the stage, looking fierce as ever. 'I will shut allllll this s**t down,' she assures her whimpering husby. 'I know. I'm sorry,' Nick responds, cowering to his woman. He may make the rules on 'WNO,' but it's clear who runs the show in the Cannon Carey household!

Watch Mariah whip her man into shape, and tune in to 'Wild 'N Out' Tuesdays at 11/10c on MTV2!

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