Marilyn Manson Fans Win Legal Battle In Utah

Marilyn Manson Fans Win Legal Battle Utah

June 24 [12:00 EDT] -- One of the first flaps in the ongoing Marilyn Manson tour controversy has come to an end, with Manson fans coming out on top.

A group of Manson devotees in Salt Lake City, Utah won a $9,300 settlement in their lawsuit against the Utah State Fairpark. The fans claimed that their First Amendment rights were violated after the venue canceled a Manson concert January 11.

Back in January, a federal judge told the Fairpark that its behavior constituted prior restraint and that it couldn't cancel a concert just because it didn't like its content. However, the judge also refused to order the venue to book the concert and the show's promoters, concerned about future relations with the Fairpark, opted to move the Manson concert to Wolf Mountain in Park City some 30 miles away.

After the change of venue, the plaintiffs re-filed their suit, seeking monetary damages. The state Attorney General's office then stepped in and told the Fairpark it had to

adopt a new rule saying it wouldn't restrict performances based on content. The Attorney General went on to note that if the Fairpark was fearful of an obscene performance, it could get a court order prohibiting the concert.

The Fairpark's chief executive officer says its beef was never with Manson, but with the promoter, which started selling tickets to the show before a contract was signed.