'Mass Effect 2' Cerberus Network Going Offline, Will Return With New DLC Chapter

Mass Effect 2cerberus Network Going Offline

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BioWare's 'Mass Effect 2' is a great game, and has been aided by the Cerberus Network, a microstore accessible from the main menu which offers easy access to digitally delivered content.

One of the more fun aspects of the Cerberus Network has come in the form of daily news updates from around the fictional galaxy. Players are greeted with some random non-game-related news item on the main menu screen and can then those access updates from news terminals scattered in various planetary settlements. Unfortunately, all good things must end: EA has confirmed that the daily news update service will be going on hiatus after January 24 -- Cerberus Network's one year anniversary -- save for three weeks later on in 2011. The final week will serve as a lead-in for... wait for it ... a new DLC pack.

There have been five 'free' Cerberus Network offerings to date, amounting to a handful of added missions, a new vehicle, an extra squad member and some extra armor/weapons. All in all, not a bad value even if you're spending the extra after purchasing a used copy of the game. That older DLC won't be going anywhere during the hiatus-- only the news updates will cease.

'Mass Effect 3' is slated for a late-2011 release, which means we'll probably be seeing this mysterious new DLC sometime before then. It's probably reasonable to expect that the new story content will in some way serve to bridge the story between the second and third games, in much the same way that the recently released 'The Lair of the Shadow Broker' expansion did. That proved to be a great bit of extra story for an already excellent game...though let's hope that the next DLC pack is something that lasts a little longer than 2-3 hours.