Matt Bomer Had To Sing In 'Magic Mike XXL' And It’s All Channing Tatum’s Fault

Matt Bomer Had Sing Inmagic Mike Xxland It S All Channing Tatum S Fault

With reporting by Josh Horowitz.

When you see ' Magic Mike XXL ' -- yes, we KNOW you're GOING to go see it, c'mon -- odds are that you're going to be totally blown away by Matt Bomer 's amazing singing voice.

So who do you have to thank for the opportunity to hear him croon? Channing Tatum , duh.

'In the first film we had a very limited budget, and we would entertain extras in the strip club between takes,' he told MTV News. 'Basically Channing would just shove a microphone in your face, like, 'Do something!''

When it was time to do the sequel, Tatum remembered that Bomer once sang for the extras, and made sure that his co-star recreated the magic not once but TWICE in 'Magic Mike XXL' -- and both times, he had to perform live.

'It was an incredible gift that Channing gave me, and also really terrifying!' Bomer said.

'Magic Mike XXL' hits theaters July 1.