Max And Charlie Carver Still Have Double The Love For 'Teen Wolf'

Max Charlie Carver Still Have Double Love Forteen Wolf

By the end of ' Teen Wolf ' Season 3, former Alpha Pack members Aiden and Ethan had proven their loyalty to Scott McCall . But it came at a price, and like archer Allison Argent, Aiden was struck down by an Oni. Understandably devastated, Ethan decided to leave Beacon Hills, and just as quickly as he and his brother stormed into town, they were gone for good.

Despite the tragic end, the twin brothers who played the werewolf warriors have fond memories of their time on the show. And in the MTV News clip below, Charlie and Max Carver -- who now star on HBO's ' The Leftovers ' -- say they'd return to the supernatural universe if they could.

'We loved working on 'Teen Wolf,'' Max says in the video, which was filmed on the red carpet of 'The Leftovers' premiere. 'I would go back, but I'm dead.'

'I've heard the best things about this season,' Charlie adds. 'We love our fans. What an amazing place Beacon Hills is. I'm watching!'

Check out the interview, tell us if you miss Aiden and Ethan and be sure to catch an all new 'Teen Wolf' tonight at 10/9c!

Photo: MTV