'Maze Runner': 7 Things To Remember Before Heading Into 'The Scorch Trials'

Maze Runner 7 Things Remember Before Heading Intothe Scorch Trials

Are you a little fuzzy on the details of the last ' The Maze Runner ' movie? Fear not, friends! ' Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials ,' the second installment in the film series adapted from James Dashner's bestselling books may hit theaters September 18, but that gives you plenty of time to study up. Here are seven things you need to know from 'The Maze Runner' before heading into 'The Scorch Trials.'

  1. This is Thomas. 20th Century Fox

    This babe, played by Dylan O'Brien from MTV's own 'Teen Wolf,' is the central protagonist in our story. In addition to being an excellent runner, the 16-year-old is also smart, brave, and extremely inquisitive. He pretty much solved an entire dystopian social experiment within a few days in the first film, so apparently that's just how he rolls?

  2. He is a member of a group of kids called Gladers. 20th Century Fox

    In the first film, Thomas joined a group of 50 other male teens known as 'The Gladers' inside of a massive and deadly maze. (Think the Tri-Wizard Tournament maze, but on Miracle-Gro.) Don't get too attached to that adorable gif above, though... Most of these shanks didn't survive the first film. ?

  3. Teresa is the only girl in the group. 20th Century Fox

    She survived the maze, along with Thomas and a handful of others. Teresa (Kaya Scodelario) and Thomas have some sort of intense connection that we don't yet fully understand. Also, she played Effie in British teen drama classic 'Skins,' so that's pretty cool.

  4. The world is screwed. 20th Century Fox

    The dystopian future of 'The Scorch Trials' totally blows. First, sun flares scorched the Earth, making much of it uninhabitable. The ice caps melted. Coastal cities disappeared under water. The Post-Flares Coalition (a.k.a., the terribly-named governmental body in charge after the scorching) decided to release a virus that would cull some of the population, making it more manageable. Unfortunately, the virus mutated, becoming communicable and slowly turning those who were exposed insane. This virus is known as 'The Flare.'

  5. The Gladers are part of a massive social experiment. 20th Century Fox

    Though they initially couldn't remember much beyond their own names, the Gladers soon learn that The Maze is an elaborate social experiment designed to find a cure for the virus. The kids were chosen because they are seemingly immune. The Maze was one of many tests that the Gladers will undergo so their brain chemistry can be observed and analyzed in hopes of finding a cure. Though the Gladers seem to think they have escaped the experiment, it is evident that they are still pawns in a larger scheme. Phase Two is about to commence.

  6. The Creators control the experiment. 20th Century Fox

    We don't know much about the entity behind the creation of The Maze, but the Gladers call them The Creators. We also know the organization behind The Maze is called W.C.K.D. As the leader, Ava Page (Patricia Clarke) recorded a video message for the Gladers upon their escape from The Maze. It led the Gladers to believe that she committed suicide rather than be killed by opposing forces, but she is still very much alive and very much testing Thomas and the others.

  7. There's a third book in the series.

    'The Scorch Trials' is only the second of three books in the 'Maze Runner' series (if you're not counting the two prequels). 'The Scorch Trials' is followed by 'The Death Cure,' so don't go into the film expecting total resolution. Of course, that most likely means more 'Maze Runner' film action for us, which is totally a good thing.