Meet The All-New 'Are You The One?' Cast -- And Find Out This Season's Jaw-Dropping Twist

Meet All Neware You One

Finding and landing ' the one ' isn't always an easy task -- but if the person who fit all of your wants and needs were standing right in front of you, would you even know it? That's the question MTV's juicy matchmaking experiment/competition show 'Are You the One?' is tackling for the third time with the handsome cast of characters above -- with a dramatic twist to boot!

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Season 3 of the hit dating series -- which is premiering on Thursday, September 24 at 11/10c before moving to its regular time slot on Wednesdays at 10/9c -- will feature the aforementioned 20 guys and gals jetting off to Hawaii with the hopes that they'll leave their bad relationship tendencies in the dust and truly connect with their perfect match deemed by science (aka a team of professional matchmakers, psychologists, and the contestants’ family, friends and exes).

If they're successfully able to uncover these 10 pairings in 10 tries, they'll all split million -- like the casts from previous seasons were able to do. But here comes the game-changing shocker: If at any point during the weekly match-up ceremonies the crew fails to identify at least one compatible couple (known in the game as a blackout), it will cost them greatly. Specifically, the group will be penalized with the loss of 0,000 -- so, four instances with no beams of light = no jackpot prize.

Without further ado, here are the singletons coming from all over the country to vie for love (ladies first!) -- check them out, and get your chance to meet the gang now on MTV's Snapchat:

  • Amanda, 22, Colorado Jamie Cary
  • Britni, 24, Georgia Jamie Cary
  • Chelsey, 23, Florida Jamie Cary
  • Hannah, 22, New York Jamie Cary
  • Kayla, 22, Connecticut Jamie Cary
  • Kirsten 'Kiki,' 24, Virginia Jamie Cary
  • Kristyn 'Cheyenne,' 22, California Jamie Cary
  • Melanie, 23, New York Jamie Cary
  • Rashida, 23, South Carolina Jamie Cary
  • Stacey, 24, New York Jamie Cary
  • Alec, 22, Pennsylvania Jamie Cary
  • Austin, 22, Texas Jamie Cary
  • Chuck, 26, Hawaii Jamie Cary
  • Connor, 25, Illinois Jamie Cary
  • Devin, 26, Massachusetts Jamie Cary
  • Hunter, 22, Florida Jamie Cary
  • Mike, 24, New York Jamie Cary
  • Nelson, 26, Texas Jamie Cary
  • Tyler, 25, Indiana Jamie Cary
  • Zak, 26, Canada Jamie Cary

Hungry for more 'AYTO'? Stay with MTV News for more updates and be sure to catch the inaugural episode on Thursday, September 24 and 11/10c!