Meet the Baddies in 'Superman vs. the Elite'

Meet Baddies Insuperman Vs

Warner Brothers wants to introduce you to three of members of the super-anti-hero group the Elite from the upcoming DC animated feature, Superman vs. the Elite . Based on the 'What's So Funny About Truth, Justice and the American Way?' story from Action Comics #775 written by Joe Kelly , who also scripted the flick, Superman vs. the Elite tells the story of Supes' struggle with the arrival of the ethically precarious Elite and their brutal, brutal ways.

In the following clips we meet the electrical Coldcast, the flying demon Menagerie and the ever-mystical Hat.

Superman vs. The Elite 'Coldcast' Clip

Superman vs. The Elite 'The Hat' Clip

Superman vs. The Elite 'Menagerie' Clip

Superman vs. the Elite arrives June 12, 2012 from Warner Home Video.