Meet The Cast Of MTV's New 90's House

Meet Cast Mtvs New 90s House

MTV is hopping in a time machine -- with some help from Lance Bass and Christina Milian.

The brand-new competition show 90's House -- which premieres two weeks from today and features the aforementioned singers as hosts -- will spotlight 12 millennial housemates living in a '90s-inspired house as they duke it out in various '90s-themed challenges. In the end, the raddest contestant will win K, a Mazda Miata and two VIP tickets on a '90s cruise. Booyah!

So who will say 'bye, bye, bye' (it had to be done) to 2017 and hello to the dopest decade? Check out the young men and women who will vie for all of the '90s glory below -- and find out their #Ultimate90sObsessions! And don't miss the series premiere of 90's House on Tuesday, September 26 at 11/10c!

noah centineo e alexis ren
  • Chase (Las Vegas, NV) Patrick Wymore

    #Ultimate90sObsessions: Full House & boy bands

  • Devin (Washington, D.C) Patrick Wymore

    #Ultimate90sObsessions: Power Rangers & LL Cool J

  • Jenielle (Bronx, NY) Patrick Wymore

    #Ultimate90sObsessions: Family Matters & Janet Jackson

  • Lexus (Radford, VA) Patrick Wymore

    #Ultimate90sObsessions: Buffy & the bitchin' clothes.

  • Mark (Astoria, NY) Patrick Wymore

    #Ultimate90sObsessions: Nickelodeon & *NSYNC

  • Patrick (Las Vegas, NV) Patrick Wymore

    #Ultimate90sObsessions: Tupac & cartoons

  • Prince (Atlanta, GA) Patrick Wymore

    #Ultimate90sObsessions: Home Alone & '90s jams

  • Sha-Monique (Long Island, NY) Patrick Wymore

    #Ultimate90sObsession: Destiny’s Child & TLC

  • Shannon (Plymouth, MA) Patrick Wymore

    #Ultimate90sObsession: Biggie Smalls & grunge

  • Sierra (Akron, Oh) Patrick Wymore

    #Ultimate90sObsessions: Saved By The Bell & Spice Girls

  • Travana (Seattle, WA) Patrick Wymore

    #Ultimate90sObsession: Dr. Dre & Nirvana

  • William (Long Island, NY) Patrick Wymore

    #Ultimate90sObsessions: Fresh Prince & throwback tees