Meet The Love Island Season 3 Cast

Meet Love Island Season 3 Cast

Say 'aloha' to a brand-new bunch of Islanders.

Love Island Season 3, set to premiere on July 7 on CBS, will feature a sizzling cast looking to date in Hawaii. 12 new sexy singles are ready to mingle and find their perfect matches when they kick off this summer of love. Just imagine as they enthusiastically yell 'I got a text!' and get to really know each other during romantic getaways.

In addition, there is more to LOVE this summer on Paramount+ when, for the first time, 15 hours of exclusive content, including unfiltered glimpses into the villa and fiery episodes featuring content too hot for broadcast, will be available to stream.

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Host Arielle Vandenberg and narrator Matthew Hoffman return with even more love and romance this summer as the show escapes the desert and heads back to the beach. Islanders will couple up on the sundrenched Hawaiian Island where they will be ready for more texts, fireside ceremonies, challenges and friendships. It is not all sun and rainbows, though, when the ultimate temptation, Casa Amor, returns. And, as always viewers can vote on the Love Island app all season long, having input on who goes on dates, who’s at risk from being dumped from the Island and who are fan favorites. Ultimately, one couple will triumph and be crowned the winners!

Grab your water bottles and get all the 411 on the Islanders below. Then share who you think will couple up -- and do not miss the special 90-minute season premiere of Love Island on Wednesday, July 7 at 9:30/8:30c!

Olivia Kaiser

Sara Mally/CBS

Age: 28

Business Owner

Anchorage, AK

Kyra Lizama

Sara Mally/CBS

Age: 23

Covid Relief Worker

Honolulu, HI

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Trina Njoroge

Sara Mally/CBS

Age: 24

Psychiatric Nurse

Hacienda Heights, CA

Cashay Proudfoot

Sara Mally/CBS

Age: 25


Brooklyn, NY

Shannon St. Claire

Sara Mally/CBS

Age: 24

Controller at Construction Company

Bucks County, PA

Korey Gandy

Sara Mally/CBS

Age: 28

Rental Car Agent

Virginia Beach, VA

Josh Goldstein

Sara Mally/CBS

Age: 24

College Athlete

Haverhill, MA

Jeremy Hershberg

Sara Mally/CBS

Age: 27

Personal Trainer

New York, NY

Melvin Cinco Holland, Jr.

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Sara Mally/CBS

Age: 25

Delivery Driver

Ashburn, VA

Christian Longnecker

Sara Mally/CBS

Coffee Company Owner


Oahu, HI

Will Moncada

Sara Mally/CBS

Age: 26



Javonny Vega

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Sara Mally/CBS

Age: 26

Real Estate Investor

Boca Raton, FL