Meet 'Glee' Newbie Vanessa Lengies (a.k.a. Sugar Motta)

Meetgleenewbie Vanessa Lengies

by Dionne Buxton

Watch out, Gleeks! McKinley High has a new troublemaker. You might recognize Vanessa Lengies from 'American Dreams' or 'Hawthorne,' but you'll know her from now on as Sugar Motta, the oddball new addition to Fox’s musical hit, ' Glee .'

Vanessa got her start in Canadian television (remember 'Are You Afraid of the Dark?' Yeah, I still get shivers...), but she quickly made a name for herself in the musical genre, becoming a regular cast member on NBC’s 'American Dreams.' We caught up with Vanessa yesterday to talk about her new role on 'Glee,' how long Sugar will be sticking around and a possible crush.

Hollywood Crush: The first question I must ask is, were you a Gleek before becoming a cast member?

Vanessa Lengies : Yes, definitely! I think it’s such a cute show. I love music and dance shows.

Has your life become a roller-coaster ride since it was announced you'd be appearing?

Yeah. People I haven’t talked to in a while got in touch with me and were like, 'Hey, you’re going to be on 'Glee'!' And 'Glee' has the best fans ever, so it has definitely been crazy.

What can we expect from Sugar this season?

Lots of laughs. Sugar is a very hysterical character. She’s really fun. I’m looking forward to see how people feel about that.

How many episodes will you be in?

I’m not sure. We’re shooting episode four right now, and I’ve done three episodes so far. Everything’s on lock-down on the 'Glee' production side of it. Things are kept very hush-hush. So I’m definitely the last to know.

As we all know, McKinley High School has had its share of drama. Has Sugar Motta caused any drama so far?

Um, she’s starting to. She’s definitely trying to.

Sometimes the relationships on 'Glee' are more entertaining than the songs! Who is Sugar going to hook up with?

Uh, I have no idea. In the [premiere], Puck dances in front of her and she seems interested, but I don’t know where that would go.

Who would you like to see Sugar with?

I mean, I guess Puck sounds like a good option. He’s single and ready to mingle, but he does have the baby and all of his exes which you know, can be dramatic.

Okay, final question. What's it like on the 'Glee' set?

Great energy. They actually had to put up [security] shrubbery all around base camp, because they’re in their third season right now, and the popularity of the show brings stalkers and mysterious men with duffel bags and, like, crazy drama already and they just started filming.

And it’s great; it’s really fun. The cast is so fun and nice. They’re all so talented. They’ll be singing and dancing while we’re rehearsing or they’re lighting for something. So, it’s a really fun show to be a part of.