Michael Cera: I Took Drugs On-Screen In 'Crystal Fairy'

Michael Cera I Took Drugs Screen Incrystal Fairy

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This may sound like the lurid headline of some bogus tabloid: ' Michael Cera Took Drugs On Screen In 'Crystal Fairy !'' Amazingly enough, though, this one is actually true. (How very Shia LaBeouf of him , we know.)

Cera and director Sebastián Silva recently sat down for an interview with the folks at The Huffington Post and revealed that his character's use of mescaline via the juice of the San Pedro cactus involved way more than just your usual method acting.

'We drank the San Pedro, yeah,' Cera told HuffPost Live. 'We do it on-camera. When we drink it in the movie, it was the prop that we used. It was actual drugs.'

Of course, Cera probably should have put some spoiler tags on his revelation, considering the whole movie is about Cera and co-star Gaby Hoffman trying to track down the San Pedro cactus in order to get a hit of the mescaline (... obviously, they succeed).

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Nevertheless, for Cera and Silva, the important thing was making the experience as realistic as possible. Only, it didn't quite work to plan.

'Neither me nor any of the Silva brothers felt it, but Gaby Hoffman had a different experience,' Cera recalled.

'Yeah, she lost her sh*t,' Silva added. 'It was real mescaline.'

'I've tried the San Pedro a couple of times, and other drugs that are kind of in the same sphere,' Silva explained. 'You're a little more sensitive to things. You sort of see the simple things again. You're sort of reborn.' (Sounds like someone has maybe been hitting the cactus juice a little too hard.)