Mike Montgomery Might Be 'A' On 'Pretty Little Liars' And We Don't Know What To Believe Anymore

Mike Montgomery Might Bea Onpretty Little Liarsand We Dont Know What Believe Anymore

Jonny has only been in Rosewood for a few days, but he's already picked up on Rosewood's biggest motif: secrets.

In the most recent episode of ' Pretty Little Liars ,' the newcomer built a 'perpetual motion machine powered by secrets' -- think of it as an updated version of the tin can telephone -- and it ultimately forced the Liars to come face to face with their own secrets.

Much of the episode (Oh, What Hard Luck Stories They All Hand Me) was spent setting Mike Montgomery up as a player in the 'A' game. But Mike's 'A'-card status wasn't the only burning question looming over this episode. Can the Liars trust a newcomer close to Mona? Will Holbrook's return seriously impact Ali's case? Here are seven burning questions from the episode:

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  1. Could Mike be 'A?' ABC Family

    There's no way Mike had the money to pull off some of 'A's' more lavish stunts, but his connection to Mona does put him on our list of suspects. If anything, Mike might have been one of 'A's' minions, perhaps joining the 'A' team upon Mona's request.

    Could he have been a double agent, working to protect his sister? His mystery visits to Alison and his clear knowledge of Mona’s book -- the one in which she hid Bethany Young's tapes from Radley -- mean that Mike became privy to more information than we thought. The problem is that there was nothing to set him up in this role as the Big Bad.

  2. Who was Mike meeting in the woods? ABC Family

    Sure, the obvious assumption is 'A,' but our money is on Lesli. Maybe it was their plan all along to meet in secret and exchange some of Mona's classified intel. If Lesli really was one of Mona's closest friends, then we wouldn't be surprised if she was working with Mike.

  3. Did Mona hide Bethany's tape for Lesli to find? ABC Family

    Mona was always one step ahead. That's one of the many reasons we loved her. So we know it's not a coincidence that Mona's friend Lesli came to Rosewood and picked up the one book that had Bethany's Radley confessional hidden inside of the spine. Did Mona tell her to grab the tape and finish her investigation? Or was Lesli working for 'A?' Seeing how 'A' snuck into Mona's room at the end of the episode to retrieve the tape that Hanna stole, 'A' was clearly tipped off.

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  4. Or did Lesli hide the tape for Hanna to find? ABC Family

    It would make sense that Mona would hide some of her 'A' findings with Lesli, but why didn't Lesli just confess everything to Hanna from the start? Was she trying to keep herself off 'A's' radar? Maybe Lesli and Mike are working together after all -- and they're on #TeamLiars.

  5. Was Bethany referring to Alison in the tape? Adam Taylor/Freeform

    On the tape, Bethany, clearly agitated, screamed at a Radley psychiatrist about an unknown enemy whom the Liars assume is Ali: 'She's a bitch, she's an evil bitch. ... It's either me or her. ... She's not the only one who can make plans.'

  6. Why was Detective Holbrook helping Ali? ABC Family

    It turns out, Holbrook was dealing with Internal Affairs the whole time he was gone -- and not acting as Ali's puppet. Although, that doesn't mean he wasn't manipulated by Ali. After being suspended from the force, he drunkenly assaulted Hanna on the road, where he revealed that Ali 'cut him off.' Why would Holbrook put his career on the line to help a teenage girl? 'You don't get to play the victim here,' Hanna told him. 'You're the grown-up police officer. She's just a girl.' Since when did Hanna become the feminist hero of 'Pretty Little Liars?'

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  7. Could Hanna be 'A?' ABC Family

    Curveball! A few weeks ago we were convinced Aria was the only Liar who could possibly be 'A,' but lately, Hanna has been showing her true 'A' potential. After all, it would explain how 'A' has been able to stay one step ahead of the girls for so long. Could those sleepover flashbacks have been the beginning of not just Mona planning her A moves, but Hanna too? She seemed just as intrigued by the question of what to do if Alison ever returned to Rosewood. Not only was it Hanna who figured out where Bethany Young’s tape was, but she also gave Holbrook a spine-chilling glare from her rear view window as she drove away. On one hand, it was awesome. On the other, it was incredibly 'A'-like.